Dubai PCG Leadership

15 April 2018, Dubai, UAE – Philippine Consul General in Dubai Paul Raymund Cortes led today a Workshop on Organizational Development towards an Effective Leadership with around 100 leaders of various community organizations together with the officers of the government agencies attached to the Philippine Consulate General at the Consulate’s Rizal Hall. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the FilEducators of Dubai, an association of Filipino professors in the Emirate, and the Filipino Human Resource Professionals of Dubai.

Dubai PCG Leadership 2

In my Welcome Remarks, I emphasized the need for leaders and members to understand how groups and organizations move towards their vision and mission. I shared that I had hoped the workshop would allow government representatives and leaders of the various community organizations of Dubai and the Northern Emirates to better understand what it takes to be effective movers and achievers of the Filipino diaspora.

Dubai PCG Leadership 3


I added that global Filipinos, especially those from our part of the world, need to focus on strategies that would make our people emerge competitive, innovative, and aggressive players for our country and this vision cannot be reached if both government and our community organizations continue to be hampered by a slack in understanding of what it truly means to be a society that moves forward and a migrant community that is united in purpose.

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