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Affidavit of Support and Guarantee
(Applicant sponsors the visit of a family member/relative up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity) 
New Requirements for Affidavit of Support and Guarantee (ASG) effective
24 August 2020 
  • Proof of relationship
An applicant can execute an affidavit to sponsor a relative only within the 1st and 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity:
1st degree by consanguinity 1st degree by affinity



2nd degree by consanguinity 2nd degree by affinity






  • Proof of Income
Sponsor should show proof of income in the UAE based on the following thresholds:
Civil Status Monthly Income
  • Single
  • Family of Two –wherein family of two is either husband and wife or
    single parent and child
  • Family of three – wherein family of three is husband and wife with one
    child or single parent with two children
  • Family of four – wherein family of four is husband and wife with two children
    or single parent with three children

AED 10,000.00

AED 14,000.00


AED 16,000.00


AED 18,000.00

Documentary requirements
  1. Sponsor’s employment contract (verified by POLO and must be MOHRE contract if in private sector)
  2. Sponsor’s payslip for the past six (6) months
  3. *IF there is discrepancy between salary stated in contract and stated salary in payslips, the following must be provided:
    1. Updated Salary Certificate/Addendum duly stamped by the Company AND
    2. Bank Statements showing the updated salary for the past six(6) months and duly stamped by the Bank
  • The Philippine Consulate is not the one that sets or determines the applicable income threshold. The salary threshold is based on cost-of-living estimates from authoritative financial institutions operating in the UAE. As such, the income threshold is constantly being reviewed to make it current.
  • Certain visa categories such as Household Service Workers (HSWs) are not allowed to sponsor.
  • Senior Citizens (60 years old and above) and Minors (17 years old and Below) are exempted from securing an Affidavit of Support and Guarantee.
  • All documents written in Arabic must be legally translated to English.
Proof of Accommodation
Documentary requirements:
  • Sponsor should submit a Tenancy Contract from the municipality under his/her name; or
  • If Tenancy Contract is not under the name of the Sponsor, a Hotel Booking duly stamped by the hotel or travel agency with the duration of stay of the visitor with flight  
Proof of relationship
Documentary requirements:
  • Sponsor’s PSA-issued Report of Birth of children
  • Sponsor’s PSA-issued Report of Marriage
  • NSO/PSA-issued birth certificate of Visitor, as applicable
  • NSO/PSA-issued marriage contract, as applicable
Other Documentary requirements
  • Copy of visitor’s valid passport
  • Copy of sponsor’s valid passport and Residence visa
The Consulate retains the right to require the submission of other documents.


Please be reminded that applicant/s must personally sign the document/s in front of the officials of the Consulate General.

Any spurious or tampered documents submitted for Notarization/ Attestation are subject to outright seizure upon proper determination by the Consular Officer. Holder of said documents, as well as fixers will be prosecuted. Payment for the document found to be spurious will be forfeited.