20 Jul 17 PR3

16 July 2017, Dubai, U.A.E.The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai hosted on Saturday, 15 July 2017, a Legal / Assistance to Nationals Seminar for Overseas Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates who require the Consulate’s assistance in resolving their various cases. Some 60 distressed Filipinos attended the Seminar facilitated by the Consulate and Walid Bin Theban Law Office, the Consulate’s legal retainer firm, at a forum held at the Consulate’s Rizal Hall from 9 am to 3 pm.  Among the cases of these Filipinos include immorality cases (pregnancy and childbirth outside wedlock), absconding from their employers, and overstaying cases. 

Many other Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates share the similar concerns and legal issues and have not approached the Consulate for any assistance. The Consulate constantly urges Filipinos to approach the Consulate for legal assistance and advice. It holds legal seminars for Filipinos every two months to update the community of new laws and procedures.END