Congens Cup

18 August 2017, Dubai, UAE. The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, together with the League of Filipino Gentlemen in Dubai (LFGD), successfully held the Series 3 of the 1st Congen’s Cup at the 2nd December School for Girls, Al Twar, Dubai on 11 August 2017.

The last of the Series of the Congen’s Cup featured basketball, participated by sixteen (16) community organizations whose teams were named after cities in the Philippines: Alaminos City Sprinters, Angeles Triskelion City, Antipolo City Jugernauts, Baguio City RTA, Batangas City Blades, Cebu City Architects UAP DXB, Cotabato City SMPII Troopers, IGACOS City DAVREG, Davao City Agilas, Escalante Hacienderos, Lapu Lapu City Chargers, Olongapo City Zambales Waves, Pasay City DFA, Quezon City Swish Kabobs, Romblon City Khalid Bin Hadda, and Tacloban City Waraynon.

Congens CupP2

Consul General Cortes, expressed appreciation for the participation of all community associations in this event and emphasized his hope that the Congen’s Cup Series, it would foster a deeper sense of camaraderie among the Filipino Community in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Series 3 is the last of Congen’s Cup year-long event. The first series was held in September 2016 which featured bowling, billiards, and chess. Series 2 featured badminton, darts, and table tennis held in February 2017. The Congen’s Cup is a joint project of the Consulate and the LFGD aimed to unite the different Filipino community groups in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. END