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  1. The Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Association in Dubai
  2. Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) Group
  3. Alpha Phi Omega- UAE
  4. Central Philippine University Alumni Association- UAE Chapter
  5. Cordillerans
  6. Filipino Dance Club of Dubai
  7. Filipino Dance Sport and Social Club
  8. Filipino Degirati Association- Dubai, UAE
  9. Guardians Reformist Group Int’l. Sharjah Chapter
  10. Lightform International Filipino Photographers Guild
  11. Luzviminda Dubai Filipino Community- UAE
  12. Maranao Community in UAE
  13. Marcom Pinoy CAD
  14. Pinoy Big Brother Basketball League (PBBL) Dubai- UAE
  15. Philippine Healthcare Professionals Association
  16. Philippine Society of Safety Professionals- UAE
  17. Pinoy Futbol Club
  18. Samahang Ilokano Global Alumni Council/ Samahang Ilokano Global Auxillary for Women  (SIGAC/SIGAW)
  19. Sangguniang Masang Pilipino International Inc.- UAE
  20. Scouts Royale Brotherhood International Service Fraternity & Sorority
  21. University of the Philippines Alumni Association- UAE
  22. Iganap Guardians
  23. Capizenos in UAE
  24. CivicFD UAE
  25. Filipino Food Services
  26. Filipino Volunteer of Hip Hop Dancers
  27. Isabilino Ako- UAE Chapter
  28. Kabayan Kapit Bisig (KKB- FI)
  29. Paragon
  30. Brotherhood of Filipino Magicians (Pinoy Salamangka)
  31. United Cebuanos- UAE
  32. Filipino Computer Club (FCC)
  33. Kapuso Kapamilya at Kaibigan (3K)
  34. Samahang Kababayan (SK)
  35. St. Mary’s Filipino Community Choir (SMFCC)
  36. Alumni of the Sisters of Mary School Inc.- UAE Chapter
  37. Overseas Pinoy Professionals Photographers Society (OPPPS)
  38. Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers- UAE Chapter
  39. Ibida Performing Arts- UAE
  40. PICPA Dubai and Northern Emirates Chapter
  41. Overseas Filipino Engineers Association (OFCEA)- UAE
  42. Scouts Royal BrotherhoodUnited Arab Emirates Alumni Association
  43. Tropa
  44. Successful Pinoy Ako (Team UAE)
  45. Migrante
  46. Abuyognons
  47. Desert Chevaliers Demolay Almni Chapter No. 43
  48. Photoville
  49. Mastah Bartenders Organization- Dubai, UAE
  50. Filipino Dubai Teachers Association
  51. United Hilongosnon’s in the Emirates
  52. Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Incorporated
  53. Filipino Human Resource Practitioners Association
  54. PINAS
  55. UNIFILS Foundation (United Filipinos)
  56. Batangas Varsitarian International UAE Chapter
  57. Mindanao State University Alumni Association
  58. Filipino International Risk Mangement Association
  59. Filipino Air Travel & Tourism Association
  60. Filipino Association for Computer Excellence
  61. Dubai Pinoy Expats Tennis
  62. AKF Group (Ang Kaibigan Forever)
  63. Lambunaonon in the UAE
  64. Confederation of Ilocano Association “Samahang Ilocano”
  65. Institution of Safety Management Specialist Brotherhood

Application and Accreditation

  1. Prospective club/organizations shall submit a Letter of Intent addressed to the Consul General.   The Letter of Intent shall contain in brief the club/organization’s mission, purpose/objective(s), goals, activities (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound).
  2.  Once the Letter of Intent is returned, prospective club/organization shall submit its Application for Recognition and Accreditation which shall include the following:

a. Application/Accreditation Form

b. Constitution or By-laws

c. List of Duly elected officers

d. List of Members

e. Accomplished Member Information Forms containing in full current contact numbers, addresses (home and business) both in the UAE and the Philippines

f. Planned/Undertaken Projects and supporting documents

g. Financial Report, if any (must for re-Accreditation)

3. Organizations applying for re-accreditation shall submit a Letter of Intent and requirements in 2-a, c, d, e, f, g as well as changes in 2-b.

4. To remain accredited, a club/organization must complete and document the following activities annually:

  1.  At  least one (1) club/organization project
  2. At least one (1) activity in cooperation with at least two (2) recognized clubs/organizations
  3. At least one (1) Filipino community service project (different from 4-a)
  4. Attend meeting/s called for by the Consulate General of the of the Republic of the Philippines
  5. A timely report on the completed projects

Accreditation Period is July of each year.For additional information and assistance, please contact the Filipino Community in Dubai and N. Emirates.


Every successful team has a leader trusted by its members. I offered myself to you as your leader and you entrusted me the position through a resounding vote. For this, I will be eternally grateful, as I pledge to you my sincerity and dedication in trying to live up to your expectations.

The Filipino Community is our responsibility. It is only as strong as the link that binds us. We all share this link. A leader is only as strong as the members. It is only in working together that we shall we succeed as a community and achieve our goals.

Let us not allow past mistakes to divide us. Let these mistakes strengthen us by learning from them. As we grow, let us work to find the solutions to our problems. Allow me to dedicate my term to building the community and enhancing trust and respect for each other.

My focus shall be to foster the vibrancy of the Filipino community in Dubai and NE. Let us work to make the Filipino Community prosper even more even as we learn from each one of us.

I thank the Filipino Community in Dubai and the Northern Emirates for all the support that have been extended to our projects and activities in the past years.

Let us reaffirm our full cooperation in all the programs of the Philippine Consulate General for the Filipino community in Dubai and the N. Emirates.









Matilyn V. Bagunu

President, Governing Council 2012-2013

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Alan S. Bacason

FilCom Dubai-NE