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IMPORTANT REMINDER: In view of the current health crisis, applications are strictly by appointment, please book an appointment to: REPORT OF BIRTH FORM AND E-Passport Application Form APPOINTMENT PORTAL.


Supplemental Report for Birth, Marriage and Death of Filipinos Abroad

Application for provision of additional information which was inadvertently omitted when the document was registered.

  • The supplemental report shall not be used in any manner to change or to circumvent the provision of Article 412 of the Civil Code of the Philippines which prohibits any change or correction of an entry in the civil register without judicial order or through administrative correction under Republic Act 9048 as amended.
  1. Duly accomplished Supplemental Report and Affidavit of Explanation (available at the Consulate/website)
  2. Original PSA copy of the Report of Birth or Marriage
  3. Any documents that may be used as reference such as:
  • Birth Certificate of Child, Mother and/or Father issued by PSA/Consulate/UAE
  • Marriage Certificate of Parents/Applicant(s) issued by PSA/Consulate/UAE
  • Passport copy
  • Valid ID(issued from Philippines or UAE) with correct details


  • Please be reminded that applicant/s must personally sign the document/s in front of the officials of the Consulate General.
  • Any spurious or tampered documents submitted for Notarization/ Attestation are subject to outright seizure upon proper determination by the Consular Officer. Holder of said documents, as well as fixers will be prosecuted. Payment for the document found to be spurious will be forfeited.
  • Other documents/papers may also be required by the CRU Officer in support of the Supplemental Report for Birth, Marriage and Death of Filipinos Abroad application.