IMPORTANT REMINDER: In view of the current health crisis, applications are strictly by appointment, please book an appointment to: NOTARIZATION APPOINTMENT PORTAL.

Family Tree Certificate

Affidavit/Sworn Statement form


  1. Affidavit/Sworn Statement requesting issuance of Family Tree stating the purpose
  2. Passport copy and visa copy of the affiant
  3. DFA Apostille/Authenticated PSA/NSO Birth Certificate.
  4. PSA/NSO copy of Birth/Marriage of both parents.
  5. Any other document(s) that will be requested by the processor.


  • Please be reminded that applicant/s must personally sign the document/s in front of the officials of the Consulate General.
  • Any spurious or tampered documents submitted for Notarization/ Attestation are subject to outright seizure upon proper determination by the Consular Officer. Holder of said documents, as well as fixers will be prosecuted. Payment for the document found to be spurious will be forfeited.