Lists of Passport Available for Release

Below is the list of names of applicants whose e-passports are now available for pick-up at the Consulate General beginning with the latest batch (latest date) received from DFA-Manila.

Simply CLICK 
on the link to check if your passport is ready for pick-up and PRESS "CONTROL F" OR "F3" TO SEARCH FOR YOUR NAME and get your Reference No.


What to do when my passport is already available for pick-up?

Proceed to the Consulate General (MABINI HALL C, C3 RELEASING SECTION.) and present your Reference No. for passport release, OLD PASSPORT AND OFFICIAL RECEIPT to claim your new e-passport.

What to do when my passport is already available and I cannot personally come to the Consulate to pick it up?

If the applicant cannot come personally to collect the passport, he/she may authorize someone to pick-up the passport. His/her authorized representative MUST present the following requirements: (1)AUTHORIZATION LETTER (if your representative if your immediate family member) OR SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY (if your representative is not an immediate family member) (sample authorization letter / SPA);(2.) Print out of confirmed appointment for passport release (3.) OLD PASSPORT OF APPLICANT; (4.) ORIGINAL RECEIPT; AND (5.) ORIGINAL AND COPY OF VALID IDENTIFICATION CARD OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE.


  • The applicant MUST execute an authorization letter in favor of his/her authorized representative regardless of their degree of consanguinity and affinity. Applicant MUST therefore provide an authorization letter in favor of his/her spouse, sibling/s, parent/s (if applicant is of legal age) if the applicant cannot personally come to the Consulate and pick-up his/her new passport.
  • If the parent of a minor applicant (17 years old below) cannot claim the renewed passport of his/her child, he/she may authorize someone to pick-up the passport provided that he/she gives (1) authorization letter to his/her representative, (2) copy of the parent’s ID or passport, (3) old passport of the child, (4) original receipt, and (4)


  • The passport is available once displayed on this page. Applicants need not call the Consulate General to re-confirm availability of their passports. For delayed passports (more than 6 weeks) please communicate your concern through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The Passport Section of the Consulate cannot entertain all calls due to the number of calls the Section receives daily.
  • Pursuant to Department Order No. 37-03, all passports unclaimed by the applicants after six (6) months from the date of issuance shall be cancelled.
  • This page is immediately and regularly updated everytime a delivery of passports is made from DFA-Manila. Check the latest update on the website every Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Please wear appropriate clothes. Shorts and slippers are not allowed.

Take advantage of the announcements, guides and directions in place. Know where you are going and the transactions you want to save time.